Subject: Re: pkg/13113: package update: shells/zsh (Zsh 4.0.1)
To: None <>
From: Geoff Wing <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 06/05/2001 17:14:40
[Cc'd to] wrote about Re: pkg/13113: package update: shells/zsh (Zsh 4.0.1): (Geoff Wing) writes:
:> 2) for ZSH_STATIC, CONFIGURE_ARGS should also have --disable-dynamic added
: Just curious, why? It works like a charm with dynamically built modules on
: i386, -current or are there any platform issues?

If you're building static (without linking in libraries) to avoid
problems with such (being corruption or tampering or whatever) then
you also would want to avoid dynamically loading necessary parts
of the shell - necessary in terms on normal or basic usage,
e.g.  line editing, rlimit handling, termcap stuff

If one doesn't provide --disable-dynamic then zsh-4.0.1/config.modules
should be patched to do this.

Also, PLIST.dynamic only gets used without ZSH_STATIC even though
those modules would be built/installed (unless --disable-dynamic
is given)

The package has been added (in a modified form) to pkgsrc but it's
not yet available to me via anoncvs so I won't have any further
comments until I see it.

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