Subject: PRs should first have submitted status rather than open
To: None <>
From: Petri Koistinen <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 05/22/2001 21:20:34

I think PRs should have first status called as submitted rather than open.
PR is in a sense "open" all the time before it closed. And they should
have status of open when they are realy read and somebody has started
working on PR.

So new PR states should be

* The initial state of a Problem Report. This means the PR has been
filed and the responsible person(s) notified.


* Responsible people have selected who in looking at this PR. Work has
started to resolve the PR.

Analyzed, feedback, closed and suspended status codes should be preserved
as they are now.

This change would clarify the current situtation. People who submit PRs
could clearly see that solving of their PRs has started. Maintainers
would have better view on which PRs are actually under work.

Commerial bugtracking systems like Rational ClearQuest has similar
status classes in their system.

Petri Koistinen