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To: None <>
From: Gary D. Duzan <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 06/29/2000 16:11:11
   Quite right. I started seeing the problem around the time ncurses
was upgraded, so had assumed the problem was there instead of it
simply triggering an xterm bug. Rebuilding xsrc fixes the problem.

					Gary Duzan
					GTE Laboratories

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=>The XFree86 xterm supports ANSI color and VT220 emulation
=>There's an faq at
=>I fixed that some time ago - see the changelog
=>>   bin/10468: Bell in vi in xterm clears reverse video
=>>   Author:   Gary D. Duzan <>
=>>   Date:     2000/06/28
=>>   Forum:    fa.netbsd.bugs
=>>   _________________________________________________________________
=>>>Number:         10468
=>>>Category:       bin
=>>>Synopsis:       Bell in vi in xterm clears reverse video
=>>>Confidential:   no
=>>>Severity:       serious
=>>>Priority:       medium
=>>>Responsible:    bin-bug-people
=>>>State:          open
=>>>Class:          sw-bug
=>>>Submitter-Id:   net
=>>>Arrival-Date:   Wed Jun 28 11:50:00 PDT 2000
=>>>Originator:     Gary D. Duzan
=>>>Release:        1.5_ALPHA, June 21, 2000
=>>        GTE Laboratories
=>>System: NetBSD duzanmac 1.5_ALPHA NetBSD 1.5_ALPHA (DUZANMAC) #1: Wed Jun 21 16
=>>:38:15 EDT 2000 gdd0@duzanmac:/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/compile/DUZANMAC i386
=>>        When editing using vi in an xterm, operations which normally
=>>        cause a beep (e.g. trying to move past the end of the document)
=>>        instead cause reverse video to be disabled. This is the case
=>>        regardless of whether Visual Bell is set.
=>>        Start an xterm with reverse video enabled. Run "vi" with no
=>>        file specified. Hit return.
=>>        Unknown