Subject: Re: install/10324: sysinst requires router to answer to ping
To: John Hawkinson <jhawk@MIT.EDU>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 06/11/2000 12:29:08
>This is getting a bit speculative for netbsd-bugs.  tech-net?

>>>Perhaps this could fill the void associated with
>>>lacking an ethernet-level "ping" utility. I don't
>>>think it belongs in the "arp" program, though...
>>no...?  it "sounds" like the appropriate place to put it.
>No...the "arp" program is for manipulating kernel tables,
>not for sending and receiving packets. Such a program
>should work basically like "ping" and allow the user
>to send multiple probes and get statistics, etc.

i see the manipulating part as "hey kernel!  can you fill this slot?"

>>>For those not in the know, Ethernet in fact
>>>deffines a "Configuration and Test Protocol" with
>>>and then I decide that it's not too useful unless
>>>it is widely deployed, which it is not...
>>can you check for the protocol's availablity at run-time?
>Huh? THe problem is analagous to being the only system
>in the world who implements "ping". It's not very useful because
>you cannot ping other people. I don't see where you are proposing
>a runtime check to happen.

sorry...i thought it was something that the card would have to suport,
now that i think about what you said, i can see that it is very
probably something that the card would have to support, but the
*other* card, not the one you're running on. might be nice
to have...

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