Subject: Re: misc/10243: rc.d/sendmail should not exit if [ -f /etc/ ]
To: Keith Moore <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 06/01/2000 13:53:09
Keith Moore wrote:

> yeah, if you maintain sendmail on a large number of platforms 
> it's a royal pain in the wazoo to have to put in
> a different place on each one.  but at least that problem can
> be solved with symlinks in a way works on every platform.
> now with netbsd you not only have to put the symlinks in
> to get behavior consistent with other platforms,
> you have to go and edit some obscure file.
> worse yet, you have to *know* that you need to do this.

Would something like the following be workable?

if checkyesno sendmail && [ -f "/etc/${name}.cf" ]; then
	cmp -s "/etc/mail/${name}.cf" "/etc/${name}.cf" && \
		err 1 "the two are different!?"

That way if you have a symlink either way the file contents will
be same and the system will keep quiet about it.  Sound ok?