Subject: Re: misc/10243: rc.d/sendmail should not exit if [ -f /etc/ ]
To: matthew green <>
From: Keith Moore <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 05/31/2000 22:32:41
> f*ck, IMO, should never have moved.

yeah, if you maintain sendmail on a large number of platforms 
it's a royal pain in the wazoo to have to put in
a different place on each one.  but at least that problem can
be solved with symlinks in a way works on every platform.

now with netbsd you not only have to put the symlinks in
to get behavior consistent with other platforms,
you have to go and edit some obscure file.
worse yet, you have to *know* that you need to do this.

I suppose it's inevitable that different *IX variants are going to put
config files in different places.  but it's one thing to assume that
such and such is where config files ought to go, quite another to 
insist on a particular configuration and make it especially difficult
to change.


p.s. maybe we need /etc/ to specify where goes?