Subject: Re: kern/10228: ktrace -c panics and freezes the system
To: Andreas Wrede <>
From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 05/30/2000 10:31:48
> > There appear to be three independant problems:
> > 
> > a)    your original page fault failure; no clue on this. New ktrace code
> >       from Bill Sommerfeld?
> I don't know what the original trap is is - it scrolled of the
> screen. If need be, I can set up with serial console and repeat..

I believe that I've fixed *this* bug (sys/kern/kern_ktrace.c, rev
1.45).  The fix I made on Sunday (in 1.43) was incomplete.

> Yes. On two different machines. You don't even to turn ktracing on
> first, ie. a 'ktrace -c -p xxx'  will do it.

I reproduced the hang you saw before.  With the fix mentioned above,
I've tested ktrace -c and ktrace -C and am no longer able to reproduce

Sorry for the inconvenience.

					- Bill