Subject: Re: kern/10129: wscons loses when console is serial
To: None <>
From: John Hawkinson <jhawk@MIT.EDU>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 05/18/2000 13:22:39
In message <>, Matthias Dro
chner writes:
> said:
>>  Output to /dev/ttyE* is displayed, however no input can be read.
>> Keystrokes can be read from /dev/wskbd0, however. 
>The assignment of keyboards to displays is not done automatically
>anymore unless the device is used as system console.
>It has to be done later, by "wsconscfg -k", or -easier-
>by uncommenting the "keyboard" line in /etc/wscons.conf.

Indeed, this does the trick.

Can you speak to why this is this way? Is there some reason that
"keyboard" is not uncommented by default? It seems to me that the
handing of output and input devices should be handled similarly, and
the current state violates the principal of least confusion.

I would say, at a bare minimum, this needs a doc/CHANGES
entry, since it was not this way in 1.4.