Subject: Setup problem
To: None <>
From: Danh Nguyen <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 01/15/1999 22:20:19
Dear Sirs:
My computer is COMPAQ PRESARIO 4505 Pentium. I try to set up NetBSD 
1.3.3, version i386, by following instructions in the INSTALL file.  My 
computer runs smoothly and it informs me that it finishes unpacking the 
distribution sets from floppy disks sucessfully.  However, when I turn 
off and on my computer without the floppy boot disk inside disk drive A, 
the following appears:
F1 ... ?? (I install Windows 95 on this partition)
F2 ... ?? (I reserve this partition for future OS)
F3 ... FreeBSD  (I install NetBSD on this partition)
Default: F3
When I press F3, the following shows up:
F1 ... ??
F2 ... ??
F3 ... FreeBSD
And my computer stays like that until I turn off and on and choose F1.
What is the problem? And how can I correct it?
Thank you

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