Subject: Re: kern/5377: sys/system.h inludes lib/libkern/libkern.h for LKM too
To: Andreas Gustafsson <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 12/09/1998 16:57:41 said:
> So, could someone please just integrate the fix? 

The "bug" is not a real bug, and the "fix" is a workaround
to solve practical problems.
An LKM has access to the libkern functions, and it
will use them in many cases without noticing it
(eg the string stuff), so it needs the libkern
header file.
If this header file is part of the kernel sources,
one needs the kernel sources.
One can draw different conclusions from this, but
simply leaving out the header is not the right one.

best regards