Subject: Re: bin/6259: can't eject(1) /dev/cd2d
To: None <>
From: Christoph Badura <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 10/08/1998 20:46:23
kre@munnari.OZ.AU (Robert Elz) writes:

>And finally, since "eject" is such a basic operation for dismountable media,
>all the drivers really ought to support the same method - tapes are going
>to need to keep supporting the MTIOCTOP with mt_op == MTOFFL method for
>ever, for compatability, but there's no reason they can't also support the
>DIOCEJECT ioctl as well (and the other few ioctls that are currently
>sprinkled throughout the disk, floppy, and cd drivers, which really ought
>apply to all dismountable media).

OTOH, I'd expect a MTIOCTOP on a disk device to fail with ENOTTY and
eject(1) could then try the DIOC* dance.

Christoph Badura
Verlag O'Reilly