Subject: Re: bin/5804: ftp has annoying word kill habits
To: None <, netbsd-bugs@NetBSD.ORG>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 07/20/1998 12:47:39
>>>> Synopsis:       ftp does the "wrong" thing with word kill

>> It's worse than that - it does the wrong thing with EOF, too.  Try
>> setting your eofc to something other than ^D - you'll find that ^D
>> is EOF on the FTP command line and your eofc is ignored.

> it's not broken.  it's using libedit.

If it means that the EOF character I specifically set does not work as
EOF, that, to me, is broken.  If it means the word erase character I
specifically set does not do a word erase, that, to me, is broken.

gdb gets these right (by my definition).  Why can't ftp?

I'd even settle for some simple thing I can set once (setenv NOLIBEDIT,
touch ~/.nolibedit, echo style=plain > ~/.libedit, something along
those lines) to make libedit vanish (in a functional sense) from every
program that uses it.  I have yet to find such a thing, nor even any
reason to think such a thing exists.  I'm about ready to add patches to
my private patch tree to stub out libedit entirely, since it seems
that's what it'll take.

^Z at the ftp> prompt used to exit ftp (my eofc is ^Z).  This has
changed.  In my opinion, it's been broken.

> tcsh behaves the same way.  is tcsh broken?

Yes, IMO.  If the stty settings aren't obeyed, absent specific
configuration to the contrary (~/.tcshrc, ~/.libedit, ~/.ftprc, setenv
FTPRC, whatever), I say it's broken.  (I don't apply this rule to
programs that don't even try to give the appearance of doing line-based
input, like /usr/bin/vi or /usr/games/robots.)

This is not to say that line editing mustn't be supported.  Just that
tty driver special character settings must override any defaults the
line editing code may want to supply.

> try "-e"?

That seems to work for ftp, though I'd want a way to make every ftp run
to act as though -e were supplied (remember, not all of them will be
run directly from my shell).  But I'm not about to hunt down a -e
analog for every libedit-afflicted program; this is why I want either
libedit to be fixed so it pays attention to the stty characters or some
way to make it go away globally.

					der Mouse

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