Subject: Re: bin/5039: change to vacation to support wider variety of mailers
To: None <>
From: Keith Moore <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 02/23/1998 18:37:34
> >Description:
> 	Vacation doesn't find the user's address in mail that's sent
> 	without a 'To:' (or 'Cc:') header, and most importantly not in
> 	mail that's been 'Bcc:'ed to the user.  However most mailers
> 	do include the specific envelope address that resulted in the
> 	delivery.  Unfortunately the header used to show this address
> 	is not standard and several varieties exist.

That's beside the point.  Vacation wants to check the header recipient
addresses, (NOT the envelope recipient addresses), to determine
whether the mail was personally addressed to the recipient, instead of
just being list mail.  That way, it can respond to the personal mail
and not respond to the list mail.

By making vacation look at Apparently-To and Delivered-To, you defeat
this heuristic.


(FWIW, automatic responses should indeed go to Return-Path and not