Subject: Re: pkg/4936: FTP sites for logsurfer package are incorrect
To: Bill Fenner <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 02/07/1998 00:56:44
On Fri, 6 Feb 1998, Bill Fenner wrote:
> Although having portlint do it is a good idea too, I particularly wanted
> to catch "rotting" files -- e.g. removed the x11/xapps
> directory and distributed the files elsewhere in the hierarchy; unless
> you check periodically you're not going to catch that.

Yeah, so just go and portlint your ports-current on a regular base.
Would make quite some sense for FreeBSD anyways, to just run it once and 
fix things .)

> Currently the data is collected by using a perl script which uses
> a modified version of Gene Spafford's (from 1992), and uses
> directly to do HTTP HEAD requests.  The parsing of the
> Makefile into input for the perl script is done by a special
> I'd be happy to share the code.

Hm, keeping backlwward compatible with perl4 would be the hard thing 
here, i guess... I'll think a biit more about this, then get back to you .
Why's a special needed? Should't post-processing "make 
fetchlist"-output do the job?

 - Hubert

Hubert Feyrer <>