Subject: Re: pkg/4771: gv pkg doesn't depend on ghostscript, as it should
To: Mike Long <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 01/04/1998 07:05:03
On 04-Jan-98 Mike Long spoke unto us all:

# >     while this will give a functioning executable, it won't give a
# >     useful one, as gv needs ghostscript to function.
# I don't think this is really necessary.  What if the user has already
# built and installed ghostscript independently of the package system,
# and merely wishes to upgrade to gv from ghostview?
# Judgement of utility should be left to the end user, not built into
# the package system.

Perhaps it should just say "you really need ghostscript to make any use of this
program, please install it." in the little pkg note file..

OTOH: is there a way to make the package system smarter and have it look for a
file outside of the user's /pkg hierarchy?  like do a "whereis gs" and use that
as a condition of dependency..

Tim Rightnour    -