Subject: Re: bin/3982: ftp ignores eofc
To: Perry E. Metzger <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 01/02/1998 13:04:24
> I just typed "ftp" and then typed "^D" and it worked Just Fine.
> There is no problem in 1.3 or in the head.

Those two sentences have little to do with one another.  Perhaps the
PR's subject was misleading; "ftp ignores some settings of eofc" might
have been more accurate.

>> When I run ftp, I see the following.  (I typed ^Z at each of the
>> first two "ftp> " prompts, then RETURN when nothing happened.)
> You are probably having an interaction with the command line editing
> stuff.

I'm fairly sure I am.  See the original PR, or relevant excerpts below.

> You didn't specify that you had set EOF to something odd

query-pr's output differs on this point.  See below.

> (^Z is not ASCII EOF!)

There is no EOF character in ASCII, as far as I can tell; EOT - ^D - is
arguably the closest, though a case could perhaps be made for ETX.  Be
that as it may, I choose to use SUB - ^Z - for my eofc (largely due to
a VMS heritage back in my larval stage), and PR 3982 arose because
something in ftp, almost certainly libedit, breaks this - ^Z does not
function as EOF at the ftp command line for me, despite being my eofc
and working Just Fine in most respects (even, as noted below, gdb,
which *also* provides command-line editing).

Here are those excerpts from "query-pr --full 3982", as run on a few minutes ago:

| >Description:
| 	At the ftp> prompt, my EOF character no longer exits.  ^D does
| 	- but my EOF character ain't ^D.  (gdb gets this right, for
| 	what that's worth, despite providing command-line editing.)
| >How-To-Repeat:
| 	% stty eof \^Z
| 	% ftp nonexistent-host-name
| 	ftp: nonexistent-host-name: Unknown host
| 	ftp> 
| 	type ^Z and observe that nothing happens.
| 	the EOF character correctly.  It looks as though libedit
| 	contains code (tty_bind_char()) to deal with this case, but it
| 	doesn't seem to be working (and it's broken anyway; for
| 	example, it assumes that one's EOF character should be bound to
| 	EM_DELETE_OR_LIST, which is nonsense - ^D should get the delete
| 	functionality, the list functionality should be separate, and
| 	both should be divorced from the EOF-character functionality).

					der Mouse

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