Subject: Re: kern/3460: block io unit for sd should be sector size
To: Koji Imada - je4wob/2 <>
From: Zdenek Salvet <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 04/15/1997 20:01:00
> 1. "block io unit == disklabel sector size" case.

> 2. "block io unit == DEV_BSIZE" case.
> 	ffs/msdosfs needs modification to convert block io unit to
> 1 and 2 correspond to my "first" and "second" method.

Thanks for clarification.

> The advantages of "second method" is:
> 	It is not necessary to get disklabel sector size. 
> 	So It is possible to have file system which fs sector size is
> 	not physical sector size without disklabel.
> 	And to have different file system which has each fs sector
> 	size on same disk(ex. ffs with 512 fs sector size and
> 	cd9660).
> On the other hand, the advantage of "first method" is:
> 	Simple implementation.

I think 1)+ ffs modification to support fs sector != disklabel sector
would be best (I would like to create ffs for CD images in vnd) despite
the more difficult implementation.

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