Subject: Re: -alldirs in exports file for NFS
To: Edmund C. Greene <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 04/02/1997 13:05:44
On Wed, 2 Apr 1997, Edmund C. Greene wrote:

: The /var/log/messages files says:
: mountd[41]: Not root dir
: mountd[41]: Bad exports list line /opt/nc -alldirs
: Without the "-alldirs" the directory mounts fine.  I'm 
: trying to boot a network computer off of it and it wants to 
: mount a different directory along the structure, which is
: what "-alldirs" is supposed to allow.  However, it looks
: like it's not really implemented (or I'm an idiot - which
: is possible).

What the log message is telling you is that /opt/nc is not a *mount
point*--a requirement for -alldirs. 

Let's say you have the following partitions: 

% mount
/dev/sd0a on / type ffs (local)
/dev/sd0e on /disktwo type ffs (local)

You can therefore only -alldirs export '/' and '/disktwo'.  You CANNOT
-alldirs export '/disktwo/somedir' or '/somedir'--subdirectories, not root
directories, of the partitions. 

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