Subject: Re: bin/3286: sendmail doesn't escape 'From'
To: Eric Fischer <>
From: Andrew Wheadon <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 03/04/1997 17:22:55
> writes,
> The rule that mail.local uses is that if the line starts with "From "
> *and* the previous line was blank, it sticks a ">" in front; otherwise
> it leaves it unchanged.  This gets along well with Berkeley Mail, which
> requires the blank line to recognize a new message, but not so well with
> other mailers.
Hmm, you're right, maybe mail.local should be changed to NOT expect
a blank line beforehand and to only escape lines which could be
valid From-lines otherwise ? I believe even if it doesn't hit Berkeley
Mail we should still stop it hitting other mailers (like elm).

btw. Nobody has mentioned anything about sendmail using uid "daemon"
when reading root's .forward file ?


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