Subject: Re: misc/3212: Source routing configuration problem
To: Jonathan Stone <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 02/18/1997 14:45:31
On Tue, 18 Feb 1997 00:38:38 -0800 
 Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU> wrote:

 > How about the alternative:
 > 	net.inet.ip.drop.src-rt
 > I find the `drop' names reflect the intent more clearly.  It's more
 > extensible and consisent with, e.g., ip_fil usage, too.  
 > Is there any other IP traffic that one would want toggles to drop?

I don't really like that name... because it's unlikely that very many
things would actually be placed under the "drop" level, and the granularity
isn't fine enough, IMO, for general-purpose drop rules.

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