Subject: Re: booting 1.2 from sd0
To: David Rosenthal <dshr@vitria.COM>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 11/02/1996 11:50:44
	Are you sure you blew away everything in
	/sys/arch/i386/compile/.../ before config'ing the new kernel &
	building - also how does a straight 1.2 GENERIC kernel do?

		David/abs	david@{,,}

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On Fri, 1 Nov 1996, David Rosenthal wrote:

> I FTPed the 1.2 binaries and sources and installed them on a system
> with everything on wd0.  Everything went smoothly.  Then I config-ed
> up a kernel with ncr support and added an sd0.  I partitioned sd0,
> installed the sd boot blocks from /usr/mdec,  copied the file systems
> from wd0,  built a kernel with root on sd0 and tried to boot it in
> several ways:
> -	If you boot hd(1,a)/netbsd -as and tell it that the root is
> 	on sd0 it comes up running on sd0 but it can't find the swap
> 	on sd0.
> -	If you disconnect wd0, disable it in the BIOS, and try to boot,
> 	the kernel boots normally through the autoconfig but then it tries
> 	to change the root to wd0 and panics.  This happens even if you
> 	configure wdc? and wd? out of the kernel,  and even if you
> 	try to boot this disk on another system that was running
> 	a NetBSD 1.1 system image with a 1.2 beta kernel from its sd0
> 	perfectly happily.
> -	It doesn't seem to make any difference to replace the 1.2
> 	/usr/mdec boot blocks with the 1.1 boot blocks that are booting
> 	the 1.2 beta kernel on the sd0-only system.
> I have tried the wd/sd system with both aha and ncr controller boards.
> The sd only system has an ahc controller.
> The wd/sd system has been running 1.1 very happily.  The sd only system
> has been running 1.1 with an ncr controller instead of the ahc.  I built
> the 1.2beta kernel in order to run the ahc,  and that has been working too.
> 	David.