Subject: Re: bin/2905: setting environment vars from login
To: Christian Kuhtz <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 10/30/1996 19:35:19
Christian Kuhtz <> writes:

> Why do we need this additional bloated functionality in login in the first  
> place?  So far, all I've seen did not indicated a neccessity that couldn't  
> have been answered in any other way.

It is useful from time to time to control how someone logs in.

The LOGIN_ARGS stuff was implimented at ISU, and I often used
login: explorer -nozephyr (really -nz, but hey)
login: explorer -nomail
login: explorer -q (quick, no startup scripts, no locker attaches...)

I found the idea to be very useful.

> Guys, login is _-=*AUTHENTICATION*=-_ and not 'add your favorite gimmick  
> here'.  And any kind of args have no business in that unless they're  
> directly related and imparative for authentication purposes.  Why are we  
> even discussing this??

Because that's what these lists are for...  If you don't want to read
it, kill the thread in your reader.

I would love to see the functionality.  Perhaps you find it useless, but
I don't.