Subject: Re: Read-only file System
To: None <100753.1401@CompuServe.COM>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 06/20/1996 18:50:00
On Jun 20, 11:13am, Mike Long wrote:
} >Date: 20 Jun 96 02:24:04 EDT
} >From: "'1J6&qJI\\::'" <100753.1401@CompuServe.COM>
} >I tried to upgrade my netbsd1.0 to netbsd1.1 on the amiga.
} >I followed the instructions until i got to the point. Set the temporary
} >directory. I was not able to mount my amiga partition where the netbsd1.1 set
} >was because the system claims to be read only file system. 
} >What can i do now?
} # mount -u /

  Actually, I think

	mount -t adosfs -o ro /dev/sd....

would work better.  1.0 did not check for a read-only mount and mounted
the file system.  1.1 now checks that the file system is read only and
requires that it be mounted as read only.


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