Subject: Re: lib/2018: rcmd() is too restrictive.
To: matthew green <>
From: Stefan Monnier <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 02/05/1996 16:57:04
> i have be told that this version is incompatible with our current version,
> and, thus everyone else who is running the current rdist.

Well, rdist 6 is not compatible with rdist 3.
That's a fact. Actually, there is a tiny compatibility in that it is possible
to rdist from version 3 to version 6 if the version 6 has acces to the old
version 3.
Now whether you keep rdist or you switch to rdist 6, you will have
compatibility problems anyway: I just switched to rdist 6 because I inherited
from a system where rdist 6 is used and should send stuff to my BSD machine.

The best option I can see is:
- rename rdist3 to oldrdist
- install rdist6 and tell it where to find rdist3

This way, an rdist3 can send to this machine (thanks to the compatibility
feature of rdist6) and you can also send to an rdist3 by using "oldrdist".
And of course, you can use rdist6 as much as you want, since it's the defaut

This implies a little disk waste, but allows full compatibility.
Whereas staying with the current rdist3 implies that you cannot use rdist with
machines that only have rdist6.

Upgrade is the way to go.