Subject: Re: lib/2018: rcmd() is too restrictive.
To: matthew green <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 02/05/1996 09:38:39
On Feb 5,  7:15pm, (matthew green) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: lib/2018: rcmd() is too restrictive.

|    >rcmd() is too restrictive in terms of how it executes the remote command.
|    >It would be nice if you could force rcmd to use something like 'ssh' or some
|    >other higher-security authentication mechanism.
|    >
|    >This came out of a discussion between myself and Matt Green.  We were wishing
|    >there was a way to get 'rdist' to use 'ssh'.
|    The new version of rdist [6.1.0] I think does not use rcmd anymore...
| i have be told that this version is incompatible with our current version,
| and, thus everyone else who is running the current rdist.
| that's not acceptible to me.  but if i'm wrong, then maybe it's something
| we should seriously look at.

This is true, but if you keep the old rdistd binary around, and tell the
new rdistd where it is, you can maintain compatibility.