Subject: Re: misc/1919: merging functionality of netstart, etc, into rc
To: None <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 01/10/1996 16:42:04
Jason Thorpe writes:
>  Luke Mewburn <> wrote:
>  > 	After the changes, the following files are superfluous and can
>  > 	be removed from the src tree and /etc:
>  > 		ifaliases
>  > 		myname
>  > 		mygate
>  > 		defaultdomain
>  > 		hostname.*
>  > 		netstart

> The problem with this approach is that it makes it more difficult for 
> install scripts to work configuration magic.  Note how the sparc and 
> hp300 install scripts have an easy time configuring network interfaces, 
> hostname, etc. by simply creating the appropriate files, rather than 
> having to go through a complex editing process on a file which won't 
> contain any special keywords like __REPLACE_ME, or whatever.

I don't feel that this should be major sticking point. User
convenience should be a priority over a small amount of extra work for
an install script writer... To be honest, this is a pet peeve of mine;
systems designed to save 5 minutes for a programmer that result in
more work for the end user.

Since the install script is only going to ask you to configure your
interfaces once, and it currently overwrites hostname.* anyway, you
can quite easily do the following in the install script (using
pseudocode here):

	cat >/etc/rc.conf <<HEADER
# /etc/rc.conf - config stuff

	read hostname
	echo "hostname=\"$hostname\"" >>/etc.rc.conf
	read domainname
	echo "domainname=\"$domainname\"" >>/etc.rc.conf
	while ((i = getifname) != "done") {
	    if ($i == "done") end
	    read parameters
	    interfaces="$interfaces $i"
	    echo "interface_$i=\"parameters\""
	echo "interfaces=\"$interfaces\""
	read defaultrouter
	if (defaultrouter != "") {
	    echo "defaultrouter=\"$defaultrouter\"" >>/etc.rc.conf

	cat >/etc/rc.conf <<FOOTER
# set this to no to not use

You get the picture.

> Anyhow, my vote is to stick with what we've got .. 

If it's the install script which is the only sticking point, I'll
rewrite a MI install (sub)script to handle this...