Subject: Re: port-amiga/1388: missing declaration for ccd
To: None <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 08/29/1995 08:37:06
> It turns out that there are a fair number of port that don't declare the 
> `dkn' variable:
> 	alpha
> 	amiga
> 	atari
> 	mac68k
> 	sun3
> 	vax
> My first inclination is to add dkn to the autoconf.c of the above ports, 
> but I'd appreciate a little input on it first.
	Noone has answered my question as to why creating a dkn variable
	is the correct solution and using the kernel variable dk_ndrive (iostat
	uses to determine the number of drives in the system) is the
	wrong solution.

	It seems to me that dkn was a loose end hanging around in the x86

	So, can someone answer me as to why dk_ndrive is the WRONG variable
	to use in ccd.c? It would appear to be how the kernel keeps track
	of the number of "disks" there are in the system.

	See <sys/dkstat.h> for details.