Subject: Help! / Bug Report
To: None <netbsd-bugs@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jack Nichols <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 08/23/1995 23:30:47
     This is the only way I can send this bug report and the only address I 
     have found to send for help.
     I have the full 1.0 release of Net-BSD for the Amiga platform.
     I went through the instructions setting up a 200 Meg SCSI Hard Disk 
     into (4) partitions as indicated. Basically I can't finish the install 
     because every time I try to boot the NetBSD kernal either from the 
     Boot diskette created with the image, or from an Amiga DOS file with 
     the LOADBSD -B NETBSD, after showing 2 Meg CHIP memory and 8 Meg FAST 
     memory and then clearing the screen it will lock up .
     Any help would be most apreciated, as I am dying to get this UNIX 
     going on my machine, and I haven't the slightest idea what is locking 
     up the machine. I suspect maybe either the AMAX-4 Mac emu board or the 
     8 meg 16bit memory expansion board.
     I am using an Amiga 3000t (tower), using Amiga DOS 2.04 KS/2.1 WB, the 
     SCSI chip is the PROTO version, 2 Meg CHIP, 4 Meg 32bit FAST, and a 
     Zoro II 8 Meg 16bit FAST memory commodore expansion board. The machine 
     also has a Retina z3/BLT video card, AMAX-4 MAC emulator board, 
     numerous scsi hard disks and an NEC 2x speed CD ROM using Xetec 
     drivers in Amiga DOS. The following hard drives are being used:
     Rodime 240 Meg SCSI
     Western Digital 200 Meg SCSI  (the one I want to use for NetBSD)
     Quantum 40 Meg SCSI
     Quantum 120 Meg SCSI
     Seagate WREN 1 Gig SCSI (the drive I am trying to install from)
     Please reply with any thoughts on the situation to:
     Thank you...