Subject: Re: kern/808: tty defaults wrong for serial bootblocks
To: Chris G Demetriou <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 02/20/1995 14:35:01
>> 	When using -DSERIAL on the i386 boot blocks, problems occur
>> 	when the kernel switches the com ports from the bootblocks
>> 	default of 9600 8N1 to 9600 7E1. 
>> 	This causes the output of commands running in /etc/rc such as
>> 	fsck to output crud until you manage to change your terminal
>> 	emulation.
>I assume you've looked into telling your terminal to ignore the parity
>bit?  i know that all of the terminals i own (and all of the terminal
>programs i remember using) have that capability...

The Wyse 150+ that I have does not have this capability.  Neither does the
old Teleray 10 (of course, since the T-10 is circa 1975, I don't think it's
a fair data point).  I don't think Procomm Plus had the ability to ignore
parity (but I could be wrong on this).  The Qume 201 that I have can ignore
parity, though.

I think it makes sense for the bootblocks to use the same parity as the rest
of the OS.  Personally, I changed ttydefaults.h a long time ago.  I'm surprised
7E1 is still the default.