Subject: st0 bogus "Device busy"
To: None <>
From: Roland McGrath <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 12/05/1994 19:36:07
I am using a kernel compiled from yesterday's sources, on an i486 with
an uha (ultrastor 34f) SCSI controller, and an IBM exabyte tape drive.

Not long after booting, I did "tar -f /dev/rst0 -xv" (which worked
ok).  Since that finished, every attempt to access st0 gets me "Device
busy"; there is no process (I know of) still alive that has the device
open.  There is a console message "st0: Already open".  I'm not sure
which attempt produced the msg (since it arrived on a different
virtual terminal); I did several "mt -f /dev/nrst0 status", rewind,
tar, etc.--all get "Device busy".

Anyone seen this problem?