Subject: Re: Reboot loop...
To: bruceg <>
From: Zdenek Salvet <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 12/05/1994 11:26:16
> Has this happen to anyone...
> It has happened twice so far. The first time I'm not sure what the 
> circumstances were, but the second time, I happened to have a dos floppy
> in the a: drive while trying to boot NetBSD-1.0 off the hard drive.
> When I got the message that the diskette in the drive was the wrong format,
> I took it out so the reboot could continue. 
> Just then I noticed that it kept on rebooting as if someone kept hitting
> the reset button or <crtl-alt-del>.
> I don't know if the floppy in drive a: had anything to do with it, that was
> just the last thing that had happened before it started acting funny. Before
> that, everything was fine.

It happened to me once. There was dos virus on floppy which spoiled 
Master Boot Record of HD. 
Boot from floppy and disklabel your HD (I think "disklabel -B -b ..." 
is sufficient in case of dos virus) if it seems to be your case.

Zdenek Salvet