Subject: Reboot loop...
To: None <>
From: bruceg <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 12/01/1994 21:22:21
Has this happen to anyone...

It has happened twice so far. The first time I'm not sure what the 
circumstances were, but the second time, I happened to have a dos floppy
in the a: drive while trying to boot NetBSD-1.0 off the hard drive.

When I got the message that the diskette in the drive was the wrong format,
I took it out so the reboot could continue. 

Just then I noticed that it kept on rebooting as if someone kept hitting
the reset button or <crtl-alt-del>.

I don't know if the floppy in drive a: had anything to do with it, that was
just the last thing that had happened before it started acting funny. Before
that, everything was fine.

i486/33, 8MegRam, 124MaxtorIdeHD, 8900cTridentVGAcard, EtherLAN16netcard,

Any help would be appreciated.


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