Subject: Re: misc/331: Whimpy Makefile fix for install of named.boot
To: None <>
From: Brian Moore <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 07/09/1994 15:47:10
>It's put there, as an example file and as a hint to where the files
>might live.  On the NetBSD nameservers i've run, what i do
>is ln -s namedb/named.boot /etc/named.boot .
>You definitely don't want it to be "just turn it on to run it,"
>though, because a misconfigured named is probably worse than
>no named at all.

I can agree with this logic to a point.  With the exception for the sortlist
option in the named.boot file, this is set-up to work on any machine as a
caching only named.  I definitely agree that a misconfigured primary, or
secondary cache is a bad, bad idea, but with this configuration file a
caching-only named would work like a charm.

Also, the logic that putting named.boot in namedb will achieve anything towards
keeping people from running a misconfigured named is missing the mark.  Here's
what would happen:

A person types in named, and named complains that it can't find find
/etc/named.boot.  The person tries to find named.boot, sees that it is in
namedb, and just types in the same command you said, ln -s namedb/named.boot
/etc/named.boot.  Then named is fired up again.

This won't stop anyone from running a misconfigured named.  If that's the idea
then either don't install named.boot by default or, comment all of the lines in
the default named.boot file and force them to configure the file.  As it stands
right now, the file would work.

Brian Moore