Subject: Re: misc/331: Whimpy Makefile fix for install of named.boot
To: None <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 07/08/1994 22:56:26
> >Description:
> 	Decided to play around with getting named set up and realized that 
> 	named.boot was being installed in the wrong place.  In the 
> 	/usr/src/etc/Makefile for the distribution target, the files 
> 	named.boot, localhost.rev, and root.cache were being installed in
> 	/etc/named.  Looking at the man page for named, named looks for its
> 	default boot file in /etc/named.boot, which also matches up with
> 	the fact that the /etc/rc file does not add a -f /etc/namedb/named.boot
> 	option to the named line.

It _doesn't_ install it in the wrong place.

It's meant to be there as a template, but you _aren't_ supposed to
be able to just turn name_server=YES, and go.

The fact is, named configuration requires a lot more than that.

It's put there, as an example file and as a hint to where the files
might live.  On the NetBSD nameservers i've run, what i do
is ln -s namedb/named.boot /etc/named.boot .

You definitely don't want it to be "just turn it on to run it,"
though, because a misconfigured named is probably worse than
no named at all.