Subject: NetBSD 0.9 Mitsumi installation problem
To: None <,>
From: William Hodges <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 01/20/1994 10:10:46

I installed NetBSD 0.9 on a Gateway 2000 pentium w / 16Meg and a
PCI bus system.  It appears to run very well.  I am now
installing  the Mitsumi CDROM drivers. Following is a log
of my procedure.

1/1/94 installed binary distribution of base09,misc09,etc09
1/8/94 installed XFree86-2.0
1/8/94 installed ksrc,src,ssrc,gsrc source code distributions
1/8/94 installed patch001
1/8/94 made GENERICG2K config file containing:
#bus mice
device		mms0	at isa? port "IO_BMS1" tty irq 12 vector mmsintr
1/10/94 built kernel
1/11/94 Xfree86 will not run. Suspect Xconfig or the PIA bus video card
	compatiblity with Xfree.  Sent email to xfree.
1/15/94 Installed Mitsumi CDROM stuff according to README.  Many of the diffs
	have to change to work with NetBSD.  Most significant was the type in
	mcd.c patches called "timeout_func_t"  I changed it to "timeout_t"
	to be compatible.  Got some warning on the make of the kernel.
	inserted casting to parameters in untimeout. make was clean.
	installed kernel and tested.  Upon reboot the system
	finds the mcd0d device.  When I execute "mount -t isofs /dev/mcd0d
	/mnt" with microsoft bookshelf installed it hits the read
	light on the CD player and replies "Invalid argument".

	 I don't know if I have a problem or if I don't have a ISO 9660
	CD.  Any advice?