Subject: tar arguments
To: None <genesis!>
From: J.T. Conklin <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 01/18/1994 14:50:56
dgy> "INSTALLATION NOTES for NetBSD/i386" reference the following
dgy> commands to list and extract the contents of the distribution
dgy> archives, respectively:
dgy> 	cat set_name.??? | gunzip | tar tf -
dgy> 	cat set_name.??? | gunzip | tar xvfp -
dgy> Instead, these should read:
dgy> 	cat set_name.??? | gunzip | tar -tf -
dgy> 	cat set_name.??? | gunzip | tar -xvpf - (order of f & p reversed!)

dgy> (Actually, there is also another reference to the tar command
dgy> with the hyphen omitted in the discussion of a tape
dgy> installation... am I picking nits or does a "stand-alone" tar
dgy> exist with a more permissive command syntax?)

Historically tar has not used '-' to indicate command line options.
Modern versions of tar, including GNU tar (which we are using), allow
either syntax.

Both the orignal example, and your modified version, should work fine
with GNU tar (With the historic command line syntax, option arguments
were placed after the option characters, and were processed in order.
Thats why "tar xvfp -" works, even though the "f" comes before "p")