Subject: Re: ldconfig looks in /usr/X386/lib
To: None <>
From: Jeffrey D. LaCoursiere <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 01/13/1994 13:56:02
> From Thu Jan 13 13:33 CST 1994
> From:
> Date: Thu, 13 Jan 94 12:51:16 est
> To:,
> Subject: Re:  ldconfig looks in /usr/X386/lib
> /usr/X11/lib is even more non-standard!  The proper place for X libs is
> in /usr/lib.

I would have to say I have NEVER seen libs in a dir called /usr/X11/lib.
I HAVE seen them in /usr/lib/X11, but I have seen them more often in 

However, why is it a problem to have ldconfig look in all these places?
Would it not be more robust to catch the weird configurations?  I can't
imagine that anyone would worry about the run time of an ldconfig.