Subject: utimes
To: Guido van Rooij <>
From: J.T. Conklin <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 01/11/1994 14:06:04
Guido> utimes(2) seems to be broken. Whenever it is called with NULL
Guido> as a second argument it doesn't set the files timestamp to the
Guido> current time but to somewhere in 1935...

It's broken in NetBSD too; except it returns an invalid argument error
rather than setting the timestamp.

Guido> I discovered this because vixie's cron uses utime(3) to
Guido> discover changes in the tabs. And that was broken on FreeBSD.

Because cron calls utime() instead of utimes(), we can temporarily
hack around the problem by having utimes() do a gettimeofday() and
pass the results to utimes() instead of of passing a NULL as it does

But, since utimes() as allways (or at least for a long time) taken a
NULL second argument to mean "now", it needs to be fixed as soon as