Subject: None
To: <>
From: None <genesis!>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 01/11/1994 07:12:00
Greetings, Earthlings!
  NetBSD 0.9 distribution:

/sbin/mount_msdos hangs the floppy device if it is not ready when
	mount_msdos /dev/fd0a /mnt
is invoked. The device never seems to recover (some internal state
seems irrevocably altered...)

"INSTALLATION NOTES for NetBSD/i386" reference the following commands
to list and extract the contents of the distribution archives, respectively:
	cat set_name.??? | gunzip | tar tf -
	cat set_name.??? | gunzip | tar xvfp -
Instead, these should read:
	cat set_name.??? | gunzip | tar -tf -
	cat set_name.??? | gunzip | tar -xvpf - (order of f & p reversed!)
(Actually, there is also another reference to the tar command with the hyphen omitted in the discussion of a tape installation... am I picking nits or does a "stand-alone" tar exist with a more permissive command syntax?)

The man page is missing for the tar command (tho' i suspect that several 
_other_ pages are missing as well! :-> )