Subject: Re: small fix for /etc/netstart
To: None <>
From: Eric S. Hvozda <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 01/02/1994 23:00:46
Frank van der Linden says:
>  Here's a small patch for /etc/netstart.
> If you don't have hostname.* files (which means no ethernet), netstart gives
> errors like: "netstart: cannot open /etc/netstart.netbsd". This is caused
> by the way in which the arguments are expanded. I've inserted a simple check
> if the file netstart wants to use for input, really exists.

Um, I thought the error was the fact that /etc/hostname.* was supposed to be
/etc/hostname/*.  Expansion you mention above happens because the current
directory is /, so you see things like /etc/hostname.netbsd, 
/etc/hostname.bin, etc...

Someone correct me if I'm wrong here...