Subject: The NetBSD Core Team
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 11/21/2007 16:08:50
After more than 2 years work in the NetBSD core team, Valeriy Ushakov
( has decided that he would like to devote more time to
other areas within the NetBSD project.  Valeriy remains as port-hpcsh
maintainer, and my resident guru on English literature.  I know this has
been a difficult decision for Valeriy to make, but he would not be
talked out of it.  We would like to thank him profusely for all the
time he has spent on core, and for all the excellent work he has done
in guiding NetBSD over the last few years - it wouldn't be the same
product without him.
The Board of Directors of the NetBSD Foundation have considered the
optimal size of the core team - it needs to be small enough to make
technical decisions quickly, and yet large enough to consider all the
views of the membership, and all aspects of the NetBSD and pkgsrc
projects.  The resounding view was that a 5-man core team was the best
and most representative size. 
Accordingly, we have asked Quentin Garnier ( if he
would consider joining the core team, and he has kindly accepted. 
Quentin brings with him an overwhelming knowledge of kernel areas like
autoconf, from his work rationalising and extending the config syntax,
and an overall innate knowledge of what the right thing is in "DTRT". 
We welcome him to the core team.

The Board of Directors of The NetBSD Foundation would like to announce
that the new NetBSD core team will consist of:

        Alistair Crooks (
        Quentin Garnier (
        Yamamoto Takashi (
        Matt Thomas (
        Christos Zoulas (

Alistair Crooks
on behalf of the Board of Directors
The NetBSD Foundation