Subject: NetBSD 4.0 Release Candidate 2 available for download
To: None <>
From: Pavel Cahyna <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 10/04/2007 06:15:09

on behalf of the NetBSD Release Engineering team, I am happy to
announce the availability of NetBSD 4.0 Release Candidate 2.

Binaries and ISOs are available from

The list of changes from the 3.0 release is available in the release
notes, online at

There have been many fixes since the previous release candidate, RC1.
The most important ones are:

- ICH9 support in wm(4).
- Enhanced Speedstep support for VIA C7/Eden and amd64.
- many bugfixes for IPF.
- FAST_IPSEC fixes.
- wpi(4) bugfix.
- proplib local DoS fix.
- fix procfs exposing the real path of an executable inside chroot.
- msdosfs bugfix.
- fix of crash dumps on sparc64.
- ACPI SCI (system control interrupt) bug fix, addresses interrupt storms
  seen on some machines.

The complete description is found in the CHANGES-4.0 file in the release
tree, online at
(Scroll down to the end of the file and see the entries between
the RC1 and RC2 ones.)

If you want to build NetBSD 4.0_RC2 from source, cvs up your source
tree to "netbsd-4-0-RC2", or just along the "netbsd-4" branch.
Alternatively, you can download the source sets from the URL above,
under the source/ directory.

Please note that in this release candidate, the sparc platform has been
accidentally omitted. This will be corrected in the next RC cycle. We
plan to release another release candidate next week.

Please help us test these release candidates as much as possible
to make NetBSD 4.0 a solid release.

Thanks,	the NetBSD Release Engineering team.