Subject: Explanation of branches for NetBSD releases
To: None <>
From: James Chacon <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 10/30/2005 20:39:10
As previously spelled out in some detail all major NetBSD releases now have a
an additional branch created after their release for the tracking of
security and critical updates.

Examples: (where branches refer to CVS branch names)

Release         Main Branch             Security/Critical Branch
-------         -----------             ---------------
NetBSD 2.0      netbsd-2                netbsd-2-0
NetBSD 2.1(*)   netbsd-2                netbsd-2-1(*)
NetBSD 2.2(+)   netbsd-2                netbsd-2-2(+)
NetBSD 3.0(*)   netbsd-3                netbsd-3-0(*)
NetBSD 3.1(+)   netbsd-3                netbsd-3-1(+)

* - upcoming releases
+ - possible future releases

There are currently insufficient resources to do full binary releases of
each security/critical branch as they grow on each main branch. 

Therefore, on an ongoing basis all security/critical branches will be under
full source level support for each support main branch. In addition the
most recent security/critical branch will have binary updates published
as well.

This means only the latest security/critical branch (for instance 2.1.1 once
2.1 releases) will have binary updates published for them. All other branches
(today 2.0.x) will have source changes applied only. These branches will
appear as occasional builds in the NetBSD daily area on but
no other binary releases will be done for them.

For any further clarifications and/or questions please feel free to contact
the NetBSD Release Engineering team at