Subject: Summary of Changes to the Packages Collection in November 2004
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 12/14/2004 14:38:39
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- agc]

Summary of Changes to the Packages Collection in November 2004

By my calculations, at the end of November 2004, there were 5190
packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection, up from 5083 the previous
month, a rise of 107.

November was a full month, with a lot of pkgsrc developers very busy
importing and updating packages.  Some of this concentration may have
been due to the impending freeze on new functionality in pkgsrc, which
will start on December 6th and last for a maximum of 14 days.  At the
end the old pkgsrc-2004Q3 branch will be deprecated, and the new
pkgsrc-2004Q4 branch will be cut.

Notable additions include:  aliados, bacula, bmon,
browser-bookmarks-menu, celestia-gtk, cinepaint, clearsilver-base,
csound4, dasm, fontforge, gentle, gimp-warp-sharp, gld, gpsim,
gpsim-oscilloscope, gpsim-ptyusart, gqmpeg-devel, gtl0, ipsec-tools,
jpegpixi, kapooka, leafpad, libextractor, libvisual, libvisual-bmp,
libvisual-gforce, libvisual-nebulus, libvisual-plugins,
libvisual-xmms, malint, mantis, mftrace, mkcmd,
mplayer-plugin-firefox, mplayer-plugin-firefox-gtk2,
mplayer-plugin-mozilla, mplayer-plugin-mozilla-gtk2, numlockx,
open2300, open2300-mysql, openvpn-current, p5-Apache-AuthCookie,
p5-Apache-Session-Wrapper, p5-Cache-Simple-TimedExpiry, p5-Chart,
p5-Chart-ThreeD, p5-chkjis, p5-Class-DBI, p5-Class-Inner,
p5-Class-WhiteHole, p5-Crypt-RandPasswd, p5-DBIx-ContextualFetch,
p5-Digest-SHA, p5-File-Type, p5-Ima-DBI, p5-IO-LockedFile,
p5-Lingua-EN-Inflect, p5-Log-LogLite,
p5-MasonX-Request-WithApacheSession, p5-Math-FFT, p5-Module-CoreList,
p5-Module-ScanDeps, p5-Module-Signature, p5-Net-XWhois, p5-PAR-Dist,
p5-PatchReader, p5-PerlIO-eol, p5-SNMP-MIB-Compiler,
p5-Text-Tabs+Wrap, p5-Unicode-Map8, p5-UNIVERSAL-moniker, p5-Want,
p5-XML-Encoding, p5-XML-Filter-BufferText, p5-XML-Filter-DetectWS,
p5-XML-Filter-Reindent, p5-XML-Filter-SAXT, p5-XML-UM,
pear-HTTP_Request, pear-Mail_Mime, pear-Net_DIME, pear-Net_SMTP,
pear-Net_Socket, pear-Net_URL, pear-SOAP, pflkm, pfstat, pftop,
php-dbx, php-dbx, php-zip, php4-extensions, php5-dom, php5-extensions,
php5-mysqli, php5-xsl, potrace, py-clearsilver, py-crack, qalculate,
qca-tls, qemu, RealPlayerGold, riece, rsltc, RTFM, ruby-clearsilver,
ruby-curses, ruby-dbm, ruby-openssl, ruby-xmlparser, ruby16,
ruby16-borges, ruby16-curses, ruby16-iconv, ruby16-racc,
ruby16-tcltklib, ruby16-tk, ruby16-zlib, ruby18, simage, skype,
smalleiffel, SmartEiffel, visitors, wistumbler2-gtk, xapply,
and xdesktopwaves.

Notable updates include:  9menu, abcde, abiword, abiword-plugins,
abook, acidrip, Addresses, adjustkernel, advancecomp, AiCA, allegro,
amanda, amanda-client, amanda-common, amanda-plot, amanda-server,
amavisd-new, antiword, ap-ruby, ap2-auth-mysql, ap2-perl, ap2-ruby,
apachetop, atlc, audacity, autogen, automake, balsa2, binkd, bitchx,
BitTornado, BitTornado-gui, bmp, brandybasic, cairo, cambevao,
cassowary, cdl3, celestia, celestia-gnome, celestia-kde, Cg-compiler,
cgoban-java, checkbot, chrony, clamsmtp, classpath, classpath-gui,
clearsilver, cln, cooledit, covered, covered-current, cpuflags,
crimsonfields, criticalmass, ctorrent, cups, curl, cvs2cl, cvsweb,
cvsync, cygwin_lib, cyrus-imapd22, cyrus-sasl2, dar, db2latex, dbench,
delegate, devilspie, dillo, dirmngr, distcc, docbook-xsl, doclifter,
docsis, dopewars, dosbox, doxygen, drivel, dspam, dtcp, easyedit,
easytag, eb, eblook, ed2k-gtk-gui, eel2, efont-unicode,
emacs-packages, epiphany, epydoc, etherape, evolution, exif, fceu,
feh, fillets-ng, fillets-ng-data, fillets-ng-data-cs, firefox,
firefox-gtk2, flodo, flyspell, fprot-workstation-bin, freeciv-client,
freeciv-client-gtk, freeciv-client-gtk2, freeciv-server,
freeciv-share, freeradius, fsviewer, fvwm-devel, gaim, galeon, gcc34,
gcc34-ada, gd, generate, gensolpkg, gentoo, GeoIP, gfract, gg2,
gif2png, gifsicle, gimageview, gimp, gimp-print-cups,
gimp-print-escputil, glade2, glibmm24, glitz, gliv, glpk, gmime, gmp,
gmpc, gmplayer, gnats, gnetcat, gnome-icon-theme, gnome-session,
gnome-vfs2, gnome-vfs2-cdda, gnome-vfs2-smb, gnomeicu, gnotime, gnugo,
gnupg-devel, gnuserv, gnustep-back, gnustep-base, gnustep-make,
gnustep-ssl, gnutls, gok, gpgme, graphviz, gstreamer, gthumb,
gtk-send-pr, gtkballs, gtkglext, gtkmm24, gtkterm2, gtl, guile, GWLib,
gworkspace, gxmame, hamlib, hashcash, hatari, hicolor-icon-theme,
horde, hp2xx, hpijs, icbirc, icecast, id3v2, ImageMagick, ImageViewer,
imp, inkscape, iozone, ipgrab, ipv6calc, ja-mh6, ja-squirrelmail,
jabberd2, jamjar, jwhois, kde, kdepim3, keychain, kkbswitch, koffice,
kphone, krusader, larswm, lbreakout2, lesstif, lftp, libao,
libao-arts, libao-esound, libassuan, libcdaudio, libcddb, libdv,
libextractor, libiconv, libmm, libnasl, libpixman, libradius,
librfuncs, librsync, libsigc++2, libsndfile, libstatgrab, libxml,
libxml2, liferea, lincity, loudmouth, LPRng, LPRng-core, lsof, lwm,
magicpoint, mailsync, mathomatic, mbmon, mc, mencoder, mew, mftrace,
mhash, mikmod, mimedefang, mips64emul, mklivecd, mkvtoolnix, mmg,
molden, monafonts, mono, monotone, moss, mozilla, mozilla-gtk2,
mp3splt, mpg123, mpg123-esound, mpg123-nas, mplayer, mserv_irman,
musicpd, mysql-client, mysql-server, mysql4-client, mysql4-server,
nail, nas, navi2ch, ne, nessus, nessus-core, nessus-libraries,
nessus-plugins, net-snmp, netatalk, newfile, Ngraph, nidentd, nmap,
nulib2, nxtvepg, octave-current, ogmtools, open2300, openldap,
openntpd, openslp, p5-Algorithm-Diff, p5-Algorithm-Merge,
p5-Apache-AuthCookie, p5-Apache-Filter, p5-Apache-Session,
p5-Apache-Test, p5-AppConfig, p5-Archive-Tar, p5-Archive-Zip,
p5-BerkeleyDB, p5-Bit-Vector, p5-BSD-Resource, p5-Carp-Assert,
p5-Class-Accessor, p5-Class-Factory, p5-Config-General,
p5-Data-Hierarchy, p5-Date-Calc, p5-DBIx-SearchBuilder, p5-Geo-IP,
p5-Getopt-Simple, p5-IO-Interface, p5-Mail-Milter, p5-Mail-SRS,
p5-MIME-Base64, p5-MIME-tools, p5-Net-Netmask, p5-Proc-Daemon,
p5-Set-IntSpan, p5-SVN-Mirror, p5-SVN-Simple, p5-Template-Toolkit,
p5-Test-Unit, p5-Text-Iconv, p5-Unicode-String, p7zip, pam-ldap,
pear-Date, pear-HTTP_Request, pear-Net_Socket, pear-Net_URL, perl,
php-jpgraph, php-pdflib, php4-apc, phpmyadmin, phppgadmin, pinentry,
pkgdiff, pkglint, pkg_chk, pkg_install, pkg_tarup, ploticus, povray,
proxycheck, psi, pvm, pwgen, pwlib, py-cjkcodecs, py-curl,
py-generate, py-jpCodecs, py-libxml2, py-libxslt, py-pexpect,
qalculate, qemu, qiv, qt1, R, rar-linux, rconfig, readline, rhythmbox,
ripmime, rocksndiamonds, rocksndiamonds-sdl, roundup, rss2html, rt,
ruby, ruby-base, ruby-bigfloat, ruby-bitvector, ruby-borges,
ruby-digest, ruby-drb, ruby-erb, ruby-fcgi, ruby-fox, ruby-gdbm,
ruby-gsl, ruby-icmp, ruby-iconv, ruby-mode, ruby-mysql, ruby-opengl,
ruby-openssl, ruby-racc, ruby-readline, ruby-rexml, ruby-rttool,
ruby-tcltklib, ruby-tk, ruby-uconv, ruby-vapor, ruby-webunit,
ruby-xmlrpc4r, ruby18, samba, sane-backends, sane-frontends, scmxx,
seahorse, shmux, slrn, smalltalk, snownews, spamassassin, spamprobe,
spiralsynth, squid, squirrelmail, st, sudo, sun-jdk13, sun-jre13,
sunclock, suse_expat, suse_gtk2, suse_libjpeg, svk, swapd, sylpheed,
sylpheed-gtk2, tc, tcl, tcl-expect, tcl-snack, thunderbird,
thunderbird-gtk2, tiff, tin, tk, tk-expect, tor, trac, transcalc,
tuxpaint, unrar, url2pkg, verilog-current, vms-empire, vpnc,
wavesurfer, websvn, win32-codecs, windowmaker, wistumbler2,
wmakerconf, wmfishtime, wmmemmon, wmpload, wv2, x11-links, Xbae,
xbindkeys, xbindkeys-tk, xchat2, xcircuit, xcompmgr, xdesktopwaves,
xemacs-current, xfce4-minicmd-plugin, xfce4-showdesktop-plugin,
xfce4-taskbar-plugin, xinvest, xlockmore, xlockmore-lite, xmame,
xmbmon, xmess, xmms, xmms-alarm, xmms-meta-csound, xmountains, xpaint,
xpdf, xpenguins, xps, xquote, xsane, xvidcore, and zlib.

The Package of the Month award goes to qemu (pkgsrc/emulators/qemu),
nominated by a huge number of people including Matt Green, Hubert
Feyrer, Nick Hudson, and, according to Quentin Garnier, "anybody who
gave qemu a try".  qemu is a very fast dynamic-translating CPU
emulator, which can give you a number of virtual machines all running
at good emulation speeds.  Highly recommended.

Enjoy the holiday season of your choice, and thanks for using the
most portable packaging system in the world.

Alistair Crooks
Tue Dec 14 07:08:16 GMT 2004