Subject: UltraSparc III Hardware Donations Wanted
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 06/18/2004 23:57:01
 * UltraSparc III Hardware Donations Wanted

In order to make further improvements to the sparc64 port, we would
like to solicit donations for UltraSparc III and III+ hardware. If
your company or an educational or research institute wants to buy or
has a spare system like a Sun Fire V210 dual 1GHz, fully equipped Sun
Fire 15000 or similar UltraSparc III or III+ equipped desktop or
server machine, handing it over to The NetBSD Foundation to support
operating system research would be very welcome. Being a volunteer
project with no government or commercial backing, The NetBSD
Foundation depends on the support of its users.

Besides support in hardware, monetary support as well as other ways
are always welcome, please donate via or see our
contributions page at for further
information how organizations as well as individuals can help.

Please contact to arrange donations and shipping of

 - Hubert Feyrer
   The NetBSD Foundation

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