Subject: NetBSD System Administration class, March 4-6, Phoenix, Arizona,
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From: None <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 01/06/2003 15:03:43
Puget Sound Technology, a provider of open source consulting services
and Binary Updates for NetBSD, is teaching a hands-on, three-day class
covering the fundamentals of NetBSD system administration.

  NetBSD System Administration Training
  March 4 - 6, 2003
  Phoenix, Arizona area
  US$1170.00 ($994.50 if ordered by February 1.)

This intensive boot camp training is designed to provide the IT
professional or beginning system administrator with the skills
required to install and maintain NetBSD.  Students will perform a
series of hands-on exercises to install, administer, configure, and
secure NetBSD (and generic Linux and BSD).

Course Features:

    * Complimentary NetBSD boxed CD set.
    * Complimentary lunches included daily.
    * Preview of "Getting Started with NetBSD" book.
    * Small classes with one-on-one interaction.
    * Hands-on training, one system per student.
    * Certificate of course completion.

Course Topics:

    * interactive operating system installation (CDs provided)
    * basic filesystem creation and maintenance
    * system startup configurations (using rc.conf and rc.d)
    * networking setup and troubleshooting
    * user and group administration
    * installing new software using packages (pkgsrc and pre-built)
    * setting up a DNS caching and authoritative DNS server (using BIND)
    * setting up basic packet filter and NAT (Network Address
    * beginning email server configuration (using Postfix)
    * Apache HTTPD webserver installation and configuration for virtual
      domains. (Note: an Apache Web Server Administration class is being
      taught after this course.  Both classes can be registered for a
      discount price.)
    * Unix security concepts
    * basic system "hardening" techniques
    * customizing and building the kernel
    * updating a NetBSD system

Seating is limited. For course availability, further details,
and to register, please contact Puget Sound Technology by phone
(+1-360-658-5676) or email.

More information is available via .

Jeremy C. Reed
                    Puget Sound Technology
                    Training, technical support, and outsourcing
                    for BSD, Linux and open source

p.s.  An additional class covering Apache Web Server Administration
will be held on March 7 in Phoenix. A 30% discount for the Apache
class is available when registering for both courses.  More info
at .