Subject: Summary of Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in August 2002
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 09/04/2002 09:31:29
Summary of Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in August 2002

[For a full list of all the changes, please refer to the mail on
the current-users mailing list - agc]

By my calculations, at the end of August 2002, there were 3104
packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection, up from 3037 the previous

During August, we branched pkgsrc for the upcoming NetBSD 1.6 release. 
This is a break with tradition - in the past we've tagged the tree. 
However, we have found that a tag is not flexible - in particular, if
there are any fixes for slower-building architectures, or security
fixes, we haven't been able to apply them to the tagged source, since
we can't move any tags once they have been applied (we don't want
different versions out there).  This time we've branched pkgsrc, to
give us more flexibility.  Eagle-eyed readers of the pkgsrc-changes
mailing list will already have seen a number of pullups to the
netbsd-1-6 branch.

We must also recognise the contribution of Matthias Scheler, who
allowed us to exit from the freeze, and branch pkgsrc for 1.6.  My
whole family thanks him from the bottom of our stomachs, erm, hearts,
for providing the chocolate.

Once we had branched pkgsrc for 1.6, Johnny Lam merged his buildlink2
branch onto the trunk.  This is a refinement of the older buildlink
functionality, which is much easier for people creating the pkgsrc
entries for the first time to use.  Another benefit is that buildlink2
is much more friendly to users of pkgsrc on platforms other than
NetBSD.  Many thanks to Johnny for designing and implementing all of

Notable additions to the Packages Collection include:  acroread5,
acunia-jam, apr-devel, asnap, aspell-gaeilge, aspell-slovak, avcheck,
bbappconf, chicken, compat14-crypto, cyberbase-ttf, cyberbit-ttf, gap,
geoslab703-ttf, gp-grape, ispell-catalan, ispell-romanian,
ispell-slovak, jamjar, libsndfile, linda, mailman, matchbox, mMosaic,
mrstat, msudir, nam, neon, neXtaw, nprobe, ns, opencm, osh,
p5-Audio-CD, p5-Audio-Wav, p5-Graph, p5-GraphViz, p5-Heap, p5-IPC-Run,
p5-Math-Bezier, p5-XML-Simple, peace, postgresql-autodoc, pscan, psi,
py-FourSuite, rdesktop, scsiinfo, spamassassin, squidGuard, ssh2, st,
subversion, suse_slang, tcl-otcl, tcl-snack, tcl-tclcl, trplayer,
tspc, unace22, wavesurfer, wistumbler, xpdf-chinese-simplified,
xpdf-chinese-traditional, xpdf-cyrillic, xpdf-greek, xpdf-japanese,
xpdf-korean, xpdf-latin2, xpdf-thai, xpdf-turkish, xvattr.

Notable updates to packages in the Packages Collection include: 
aalib-x11, amavis-perl, analog, antiword, apache2, arla, arpwatch,
arts, atk, autoconf-devel, baekmuk-ttf, balsa, bind9-current, bins,
bozohttpd, cabextract, cheesetracker, cilk, citrix_ica, ClanLib,
compat14, cpuflags, cross-i386-netbsdpe, cvsps, disc-cover, docbook,
docbook-xml, drscheme, easytag, esound, ethereal, expat, festvox-aec,
fvwm2, g-wrap, gaim, gaim-gnome, gdb, gentoo, gif2png, gindent, glib,
glib2, gmake, gmp, gmplayer, gnome-print, gnucash, gqmpeg, graphviz,
gsmlib, gtexinfo, gtk+, gtk2, gtkballs, guile, hylafax, icebreaker,
icewm, icewm-gnome, id3lib, ImageMagick, isakmpd, isect,
ispell-gaeilge, ispell-slovak, jhead, kannel, kde3 (thanks, Nick)
ko-baekmuk, liba52, libao, libgtop, libiconv, libmpeg3, libogg,
libusb, libvorbis, libwww, libxml, libxml2, libxslt, lmme, lynx, lyx,
mcalc, mencoder, mhonarc, mmix, mng, mozilla, mplayer, mplayer-share,
mserv, msu, msudir, mtr, mtr-gtk, mzscheme, nedit, netatalk,
netbsd32_compat14, nhc98, nmap, nocol, ns-flash, nsd, nxtvepg, ocaml,
ogle, ogle_gui, openldap, openssl, opera6, p5-Convert-ASN1,
p5-Convert-UUlib, p5-DBI, p5-DBIx-SearchBuilder, p5-HTML-Template,
p5-MailTools, p5-Net-SSLeay, p5-PerlMagick, p5-Text-Substitute,
p5-Text-Template, p5-Unix-Syslog, p5-URI, p5-XML-Parser, pango,
pkgdiff, pkglint, pkg_install, pngcrush, pth, pyxml, qiv, qt3,
qt3-docs, qt3-libs, qt3-tools, ripe-whois, ruby-openssl,
sane-backends, sane-frontends, scmxx, SDL, simh, sitecopy, sketch,
spamassassin, squidGuard, sylpheed, sylpheed-claws, tavrasm, tmda,
unixodbc, unrar, uudeview, uulib, uvscan, verilog-current, vice,
vorbis-tools, vsftpd, w32api, windowmaker, wine, wistumbler, wwwoffle,
xchat, xchat-gnome, xdeview, xfstt, xlockmore, xmms, xmms-crossfade,
xmms-mad, xmms-neato, xpmroot, xsane, xscorch, zebra, zsh, and zsnes.

I was saddened this month to learn that David Browlee was unwell.  At
least that's the only explanation I can give to the fact that there
was only one update to the cpuflags package this month.

The Package of the Month award goes to root-tail, a useful utility
which monitors the contents of (a number of) files, displaying the
results on the root window of your X11 display.  I must admit that
I've taken to watching the authlog and /var/log/messages files on my
log host like so:

	root-tail -g 200x60+50+50 /var/log/authlog,green /var/log/messages,yellow

A modification to the root-tail package was added to detect when log
files were turned over, and to track the new file. I've found it
very useful.

Alistair Crooks
Mon Sep  2 07:29:49 BST 2002