Subject: Summary of Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in June 2002
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 07/25/2002 18:08:06
Summary of Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in June 2002

[For a full listing of the changes, please refer to the mail in
the tech-pkg archives - agc]

By my calculations, there were 2970 packages in the packages collection
at the end of June, up from 2898 the previous month, a rise of 72.

Notable additions to the packages collection include:  adom, ap2-perl,
arirang, autoconvert, bbmail, bbrun, bg5ps, Canna-dict and server,
check, Chinput, cross-h8300-hms binutils and gcc, demime, dnetc,
docsis, eblook, edonkey2k, eggdrop, emech, esms, fcgi, gkrellm-volume,
glpk, goofey, gscope, gsmlib, hypermail, hztty, icepref, FreeWnn dict
and server, ja-samba, some kde3 packages (thanks to Nick, Mark, Jan
and everyone), kttcp, leafnode, lhs, libtabe, links-gui, metacity,
mpg123-esound, mpg321, mpgtx, mtoolsfm, nbitools, various Perl
utilities, pcl-cvs, php4-mhash, various Python Unicode codecs, pyDict,
randread, the rox suite (thanks, Chris), sipcalc, sj3 dict and server,
star, stardic, su2, swill, sylpheed-claws, ttmkfdir, unicon,
windowmaker-desktop, wmmp3, wmsmixer, wmusic, xbindkeys, xcin, xclip,
xfm, yafc, yamt and yup.

Notable updated packages in the packages collection include: 
amavis-perl, ap-ssl, apache, apache6, asp2php, atk, audit-packages,
awka, bidwatcher, bind4, bind8, bozohttpd, canna lib and server,
canuum, cheesetracker, coda5 (client and server), conserver,
courier-imap, cpuflags, curl, cvsweb, dillo, doc++, eb, ekg, ethereal,
ettercap, exim, exim-html, frotz, fvwm2, galeon, geneweb, gkrellm,
gkrellm-xmms, gmplayer, gnumeric, gtkasp2php, htmlfix, id3v2, ipa,
irssi, FreeWnn lib and server, ja-samba, kaffe, liba52, libirman,
links, lsof, lukemftp, lwp, mencoder, micq, mlterm, mozilla, mplayer
and mplayer-share, msu, mysql-client, nxtvepg, ocaml, ogle and
ogle_gui, openssh, oto, various Perl utilities, pango, pdflib,
pgpdump, pkgchk, pkglint, pkg_install, polsms, postfix, proftpd,
pure-ftpd, various Python utilities, the rox suite, rvm, samba, scmxx,
silc client and server, sj3 lib and server, skill, stow, sylpheed,
teapop, TeXmacs, thttpd, tits, ttf2pt1, uvscan-dat, vid, vttest,
x11-links, xchat, xpmroot, xservers and ysm.

Package of the Month award goes to links-gui, nominated by Matt Green. 
"It's the fastest graphical/javascript enabled browser i've seen and
it acts just like tty links". 

[I think he meant that that's a good thing - agc]

Alistair G. Crooks
Wed Jul 24 12:05:13 BST 2002