Subject: Summary of Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in April 2002.
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 05/29/2002 12:20:54
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in April 2002.

[For a full list of changes, please consult the
mailing list - agc]

By my calculations, there were 2808 packages in the Packages
Collection at the end of April, up 79 from 2729 at the end of March.

Matthias added some new SuSE 7.3 Linux emulation packages, and these
work much better in -current with the old SuSE 6.4 packages, which have
been retained for those of us not running -current. Thanks, Matthias.

Notable additions to the Packages Collection include:  ald, ap-gzip,
autoconf-devel, bbsload, bonobo-activation, ccache, ce,
createbuildlink (good try, Rene, but airportbasestationconfig is still
the best package name so far) crimson, cwtext, dgd, emacs21, ettercap,
gmplayer, gnome-mime-types, id3v2, jam, jasmin, kdeaddons, libIDL,
libmcrypt, libtar, linc, locatorm magic, mozilla-fonts (thanks,
Thomas), mp3asm, musicbrainz, nttcp, onyx, opera-plugins, ORBit2,
various perl5 modules, some python binsdings and documentation, some R
plugins (thanks, Mark), rewind, rox, snort-pgsql, TeXmacs, tk-Tix,
ttftot42, ve, wwl, xanalyser, xmftp, xnap, xrmftp.

Notable updates include:  abiword-personal (this has become very
useful for me - thanks, Martti), adzap, some apache modules, apache2,
aribas, arla, audit-packages, cpuflags, curl, dap, esound, ethereal,
fetchmail (thanks, Thorsten), fileutilsm flac, fluxbox, fvwm2, galeon,
gcc-sspm gkrellm-snmp, gmp, gnumeric, graphviz, grpn, grub, gtk2,
gtkballs, gtm, htmlfix, hugs, if-psprint, ipa, ipv6calc, ircII,
isakmpd, jakarta-ant, jasper, jdbc-postgresql, keychain, kth-krb4,
lftp, libIDL, libmpeg3, libxml2m linc, lsof, lyx, mozilla, mtv, neon,
netsaint, nsd, openssh, opera6, ORBit and ORBit2, various perl5
modules, pchar, pim6dd, pim6sd, pkgchk, pkgdiff, pkglint, popa3d,
postfix, postgresql and related packages, python 2.1 and 2.2, R,
racoon, rconfig, scrollkeeper, sdig, skill, skipstone, snort, spim,
teapop, ted, tmda, ucd-snmp, uvscan-dat, vice, vnc, w3m, wine,
wmfstatus, wwwoffle, x11-links, xchat, xchiplogo, xdm-krb4, xfce,
xfmail, sforms, xisp, xldlas, xlHtml, xmame, xmysql, and yale-ftpd.

Finally, the Package of the Month award goes to xwit
(pkgsrc/x11/xwit), nominated by Nathan Williams.  xwit ("x window
interface tool") is a hodge-podge collection of simple routines to
call some of those X11 functions that don't already have any utility
commands built around them, which makes it a very handy tool for quick

Alistair Crooks
Tue May  7 07:39:35 BST 2002