Subject: Summary of Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in March 2002
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 05/07/2002 14:17:14
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in March 2002.

[Apologies for the lateness of this summary - agc]

60 packages were added in March 2002, whilst 4 were removed, so
the number of packages at the beinning of April 2002 was 2729, up
from 2673 at the end of February 2002..

The main change to the packages collection, apart from these 60
packages, was the upgrade of png to version 1.2.1. In order to
keep track of binary packages which may be installed, we had to
bump all the "dependent" packages. My thanks to Fred Bruckman
for doing this work. It is also the reason this "changes" report
takes a different format to all the previous ones, since it is more
than 100KB in length.

Notable additions to the Packages Collection include:  an, arcem, atk,
atlc, bbconf, bbpager, centericq (funny spelling), chrony, claraocr,
cn2jp, cpuburn, db4, electric, ffmpeg, glib2, gnometoaster, gpgme,
graphviz, gtk2, icebreaker, ivtools, kdeartwork, latd, mew-xemacs,
monafonts, mp32ogg, mrproject, ms-ttf, ndtpd, net-snmp-current, nsd,
ooqstart, various perl5 modules, pango, pure-ftpd, various ruby
modules, SDL_ttf, wmcpuload, XaoS, xemacs-21, xmbdfed, xplanet
(thanks, Andrew), yencode and ysm.

Notable updates to the Packages Collection include:  abiword-personal,
adzap, afterstep, analog, ap-dav, apache2, apsfilter, atk, bbkeys,
bidwatcher, bind 8 and 9, bison, blackbox, bzip2, cdparanoia,
cervisia, control-center, cpuflags, csound, ctwm, curl, cvsgraph,
ddclient, eb, etcupdate, ethereal, evilwm, exctags, fdgw, ffmpeg,
fileutils, freetds, frotz, fvwm2, gaim, galeon, gentoo, ggv,
ghostscript, glib2, gnome-libs, gnucap, gnucash, gnumeric, gqmpeg,
graphviz, gtkam, hanterm, htdig, hylafax, icecast, imlib, ircII,
irssi, less, libaudiofile, libtool (thanks, Nick), libungif, libusb,
maketool, memtest86, mkttfdir, mlterm, mmix, mp3blaster, ms-ttf, mtr,
mutt-devel, mysql, nethack (thanks, Pooka), netpbm, netsaint, nidentd,
ns-remote, nxtvepg, octave, openssh, ORBit, various perl5 modules,
pan, pango, pilotmgr, pkgchk, pkgconfig, pkgdiff, pkglint, pkg_install
(thanks, Stoned) png, postfix, pth, ptl2, pure-ftpd, qt3, R,
radiusd-cistron, rep-gtk, rosegarden, rsync, ruby and related modules,
sawfish, scmxx, SDL-image, silc client and server, skipstone,
smtpfeed, squid, squirrelmail, sun-jdk and sun-jre, suse_base, tgif,
tidy, tmda, totd, url2pkg, uudeview, uulib, verilog-current, vicq,
vim, w32api, w3m, wine, wwwoffle, xcb, xdeview, xmame (thanks,
Krister), xmms, xpmroot, xscreensaver, zebedee, zlib,

The Package of the Month goes to mrproject (pkgsrc/devel/mrproject),
which is a good project management application.

The full text of the "changes" mail for March has been placed at

Alistair G. Crooks
Wed Apr 24 15:47:06 BST 2002